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You make a Spider-Man cry

Hi True Believer!

My name is Peter Parker, aka The Amazing Spider-Man. I’m a comic book super-hero created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko some years ago (precisely in 1962). For almost four decades my magazine was a best seller, and I starred in animations, live actions and movies. Yes! I’m a success!

But… but… oh my!

Since begin of 21st century, my comics stories are scripted of a poor way and with bad art! My one and only sweetheart Gwendolyne was portrayed how a traitor and my wife Mary Jane make a pact with the devil!

I miss those Bullpen guys of the good and old days like "Jazzy" Johnny, Roy "The Boy", Gerry, Ross etc, etc…

Oh yeah!

Do you think you could talk about it with my boss Joe Q? I can’t stand any more plots how “Civil War”, “Brand New Day” and that terrible things like villains’ deaths and resurrections! My friends Captain America and Daredevil have good stories because your writers and artists are so good!

how I envy them!

The Amazing Spider-Man needs guys how Kurt Busiek and Alan Davis! Or Alan Moore and George Perez -- beats me!

Please, help me!

© Copyright Roberto Guedes. Todos os direitos reservados.


Wendell disse…
Busiek, Davis, Perez, MOORE? YES!!!!!

Hi Pete! Easy!

Christos Gage and Marcos Martin! Or maybe, Fred Van Lente!

Anônimo disse…
I support the wall crawller!!!!

André Portocarrero
Anônimo disse…
Easy Spider. Your life was plenty of problems. This is just one more. You will find a way to escaape from this! Sorry about my bad english.
Your friend,
Andre Bufrem
Zé Borba disse…
What a tangled web, hein, dude? Take it easy, if the writers and editors do not remember that with great powers comes great responsibility, someone VERY POWERFULL will make them remember. For a while, we will still watching. But don't forget, we are always here.
Lancelot disse…
That really is a touching story...I am a little emotional the remember a character loved ever since was a kid... Why? he's human and has feelings.. he's not cold and calculating like some of the criminals are.
Guedes, thanks for remember...
Roberto Guedes disse…
Thanks a lot, my friends! Spidey needs our support!